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Living in Hawaii we love our honu or turtles. I love designing quilts around them and everyone of my patterns has a slightly different honu. I hope there is one that suits you.

Peaceful Honu-aaa,Peaceful Honu,applique,turtle,wall hanging,
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#BBD2-27 Peaceful Honu

Peaceful Honu is an easy applique quilt that an advanced beginner can do. This small turtle wall hanging measures 17" x 20". Instructions are given for hand applique and machine applique with the seam allowance turned under. BUT it can be fused if you wish.

The Protector-bbd2-1,turtle,honu,applique,paper piecing,patchwork,Hawaii,The Protector-bbd2-1,turtle,honu,applique,paper piecing,patchwork,Hawaii,
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#BBD2-1 The Protector

The honu or Hawaiian sea turtle is a symbol of peace, longevity, humility and the spirit within. The belief is that the honu will bring positive energy to the family and that it is the symbol of earth itself. Full size applique patterns and all paper foundations for the storm at sea are included in this 28" square quilt. Intermediate level.

Honu Kai-honu,turtle,wall hanging,twin quilt,
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#BBD2-35 Honu Kai

Honu Kai has instructions for a wall hanging (54" x 72") or a twin sized quilt. This large turtle instruction are for machine applique.

Honu & Friends-Humu,turtle,Moorish Idol, Yellow Tang, Humuhumunukunukuapuaa,spotted boxfish,wall hanging,
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#BBD2-34 Honu & Friends

Honu & Friends is a wall hanging, 30" x 30". The honu is joined by the Moorish Idol, Yellow Tang, Humuhumunukunukuapua'a, and the Spotted Boxfish. Instructions are for hand applique, BUT it can be made with ANY applique method you choose!!

Sea Life Hawaiian-Sea life,Hawaiian,dolphin,turtle,honu,seahorse,yellow tang, fish,pillow,wall hanging,
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#BBD413 Sea Life Hawaiian

Sea Life Hawaiian has four patterns that can be for individual 18" pillows or in wall hangings. The pattern includes instructions for pillow construction or for a 39" wall hanging using all four of the designs, Yellow Tang, Dolphin, Honu(turtle), and Seahorse. Full size patterns included.

Life On The Reef-Sea turtle,Achilles Tang,Yellow Tang, Humuhumunukunukuapuaa,Moorish Idol,sea horse,honu,elk horn co
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#BBD2-28 Life On The Reef

Life On The Reef is a serene tropical underwater scene. This wall hanging measures 48" x 52".Easy patchwork background gives movement to the quilt. Sea turtle, Achilles Tang, Yellow Tang, Humuhumunukunukuapua'a, and Moorish Idol are found swimming along with a Sea Horse and the bottom has sea grass, kelp, elk horn coral and fan coral. Confident beginner with experience can make this piece. The applique can be done with fusible or hand applique.

Someone To Watch Over You-turtle,honu,applique,wall hanging,
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#BBD2-30 Someone To Watch Over You

Someone To Watch Over You is a small applique quilt with a turtle or honu swimming over watching a slightly smaller turtle. Friends, siblings, a parent and child---Darling little quilt. Finished size is 20" x 28". Full size pattern included.

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